Updated: 05/30/2009 16:16
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I was. I've used Adsense for months and never had a problem. Now, I've had trouble. I would create my Adsense ad, go to Layout, Add a Gadget, pick java/html and load the code. In the past, I would have a big white box until the ad became active. Never had a problem. Now, I wasn't even getting the big white box. I'd just have a big blank space on my blog and no matter how long I waited...nothing.

Well, I figured out how to solve this ... well not actually solve it but how to get around it
I removed all Google Adsense ads from my site. I went to Posts in Layout and removed the click that put Adsense between my posts. I then clicked on Monetize. Not 'seeing' any Google ads on my blog, I then got the page with the Adsense placement options. I followed through on that and, next thing I knew, I had Adsense on my site.

Important: Do any editing for size, colors at this point....BEFORE you save it. I went back to edit the ads after saving my blog and the next time I looked at my blog, the ads were gone and the big blank spaces were back. I had to go through it all again, removing all Adsense, then adding it back in with the Monetize option.

Another little note here....like all Gadgets, the Adsense ad can be edited and moved around. The one negative is that Monetize offers only three options: no ads, between the posts, between the posts and one other. The 'one other' is automatically put it on the sidebar but it can be moved to the top of the site (or anywhere else) if that's what you want.

So if you want between the posts, top of the page AND in the sidebar, that I can't help you with. If you figure out it, would you please let me know?

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