Updated: 06/01/2009 18:29
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Dear readers, as we have already told you, it's better not to invest in program which are advertising with a help of spam. The sphere of on-line investing is very risky without it. Why do you need more risks? But the risk is present. Look at this, for example:

On-line Investment Programs
10 000% After 1 Day
No Hidden Cost, No commissions.
Contact us immediately if you did not authorize this registration.
Thank you.

This is the text of a letter, which I have received personally a few days ago. 10 000% ....of course, 3% daily is too much, but when the program offers you 3% it can be called as high yield investment program, or investment games or even gambling investment. But if you are offering 10 000% it can be called only as ON-LINE INVESTMENT FRAUD.

Don't believe? Check this address http://www.forex-invest-by.com the site is already gone.

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