Updated: 06/02/2009 23:50
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Yesterday at the one monitoring site I have found "Top 10" of the high yield investment programs,and there were only 5 programs. Crisis? There were: PanaMoney, Nano Money Corporation, Novalex Finance Inc., LakeWoodTrade, Genius Funds. Probably I would remove Nano Money and LakeWoodTrade from the list. But, I would rather add Major Barter in this list. I think, we should try to invest in the fresh programs.

Of course old programs which are named have already proved their existence, they are reliable as the rock and we know them very good. But, there is a limit to. From the other side, we have to warn the investors from the relations with The Stoic. It seems like they are here, but they have already gone far away. Nobody has doubts of their riskiness and their near future. Who is the next one of the grands?

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