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The online investment risks, as any another online activity, and also as online money making, are dividing on immanent and humans. To the humans I...

The on-line investment risks, as any another on-line activity, and also as on-line money making, are dividing on immanent and humans. To the humans I'm relating that risks, which are dictated by human's essence. For example, the risks, which are related with a wish of the one person to scam another one. Or with the person's inability of calculating the prospects of the fund or company.

To the immanent belong the risks which are dictated by the sense of the sphere itself. When we say the sphere we mean the virtual space. And the risks are - technical imperfection of the system, which is making the errors, intermissions, fails, etc. It's hard to concern the viruses, as the essential part of the sphere, but we will not go deep, let's pass to the main thing.

The eternal problems of the Liberty Reserve (LR) have already became the talk of the town. Some people trust them, other don't. Sometimes problems with access, ASP or ISP. Even in our technical department not everybody knows all abbreviations of the errors, at which LR administration is appealing to. So, I will tell you in a more simply way: the problems which Liberty Reserve is going trough can be named in a two words - the humans and immanent.

In the first case we are talking about banal desire of the administration of this e-currency to make a profit on you and me. In the first case we really have the problems. But if we are talking about just immanent system difficulties, so THIS IS A NORMALLY.

The whole Internet and virtual space is imperfect. LR is not the exception. For the on-line investor, who is obliged to be able of managing the risks, determining the weight and it's meaning, is very important to understand what's happening around. He should understand that in the case with Liberty Reserve a few facts are taking the place: technical weakness, sufficient openness, sincere tries of the struggle.

We are unable to know the final result of it. Maybe, sooner or later, the functioning of LR as many other payment Internet systems, will be under the human's risk and the administration of the company will pack the suitcases. But at this moment and in this place this risk can be compared with the risk of your neighbor by the place in the bus to take a gun out and become shooting in everything around. The most important thing is that LR doesn't keep the silence about the problems, trying to find the way out from the situation without delay of decision.

I think it's not bad....

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