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Welcome to zodiacads.com! I'm home again since Sunday afternoon and the time went by way too fast. It doesn't seem to me it was almost 2 weeks but 4...

Welcome to zodiac-ads.com! I'm home again since Sunday afternoon and the time went by way too fast. It doesn't seem to me it was almost 2 weeks but 4 or 5 days but that's a pretty good sign I had a great time at Madonna, isn't it? ;) Thanks to my adopted sister for the great time and all the fun we had, it wasn't the last time I'll visit her, that's for sure! The return journey went without bad complications, except I missed my train back for a few seconds so I had to wait 1 hour for the next one. I had an 30 hour awake day and although I left the jetlag in the plane my body still isn't clocked correctly. I wake up at 3 a.m. (my time) and can't fall back asleep for 1 or 2 hours. Today I couldn't get any sleep at all after that time so I got up at 4 a.m. after 2 hours of sleep and delieverd the papers even before 8 lol. It's strange, isn't it? But than again, I always was different than the rest, I guess that's just the kind of jet leg a Rock'n'Roll Kid has, lol. A page with a few pictures will follow soon, just give me a few more days, okay? I'm waiting for Madonna to send me her made pictures to put on the site but she has a private life and her own site so just be a little patient with us, yeah?

That's that, now what's going on at zodiac? I had to delete a lot of inactive members again :( I know that one or other think I just don't wanna let them win the still running Ref Contest by deleting their downline members but those who know me do know, that's not true at all. Every inactive member gets a reminder mail to click at least 1 link to stay active, if after another week they still didn't get it managed they will get deleted for being inactive. Cheaters gets deleted on a daily base, too. I run an honest and active program and expect my members be the same way. Most of the deleted members came from signup sections of other programs that join a program to get the money but ain't interested in that joined program. PLEASE DON'T waste your money for this kind of advertising - you pay a lot of Cash and won't (hardly) get anything for it! You might check out our Referral Memberships - these membershisp are for a more frequently receive of random referrals that count for the Ref Contest ;)

I set up a discounted Summer Ad Package that can be found on the advertising page under "Ad Specials". If you would purchase all these ads seperately you would pay a lot more then for the whole package so it's really worth to have a look on it. And the best: pay with PayPal and save extra 5%! This counts for every advertising purchase paid with PayPal. That's my summer gift for you ;)

At the end of this mail it's your chance to win a free Contest PTC :D Whom do I call my adopted sister?

Send your answer to question@ zodiac-ads.com along with your username. The fastest 10 member with the correct answer will get a free Contest PTC Ad (No PTP)!

May the power of the stars may be with you,
Roland (Admin)

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