Updated: 06/05/2009 10:22
Hyip Monitor

Hi there! This post to let You inform that are three days that I am experiencing BIG PROBLEMS trying to access my account on Australian Goldcorp., and so it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to check and perform any action on the account.

This is the situation: Everytime trying to access..a screenshot says "You are trying to access by another IP or browser...please check the email and insert the PIN CODE" (Sure, it's quite normal having a Provider with a dynamic IP, isn'it?!!). Well, this could be interpreted as security right measure..unluckyly the emails with the pin code from the Australian Goldcorp. system arrive with MANY HOURS of DELAY, doing litterally impossible to access because the pin code included in the email EXPIRES AFTER 15 MINUTES as declared on the email itself!!

I tried to contact the admin and the support via email, ticketing system and phone..but untill today NO ANSWER AT ALL!!!

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