Updated: 06/06/2009 18:16
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GetCashDollars moved to scam. Learn of the reasons, read the story of moving the program to blacklist.

I am moving the GetCashDollars entry to the Closed Programs & Sites section for the time being as the site has basically been "on hold" for over two months while the owner is trying to sell it. It's been left open ever since the initial "closing" April 1st - and thus available to do activity on - but since it seems up in the air what will happen to it, I am taking the site off my promoting list for now as there is no point in anyone doing any work on the site when for all practical purposes it's closed but just hasn't been shut down.

I also, for integrity's sake, generally remove the "Sites That Pay" tag from a site entry if the site is sold, until I am paid by the new owner - so another reason to move it to the Closed Sites list, at least temporarily.

If the site does become active again, I will certainly add it back in as an active site.

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