Updated: 06/06/2009 18:20
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Having a hard time getting referrals? Well, we recently launched a sister site that has the potential of being the best referral-obtaining tool you could ever want. Take a look for yourself. Visit and sign in with your TreasureTrooper login information. For more information, including a way to get 24 free pearls, take a look at this thread in our forum.


On your My Treasure page, you'll see a new link called “Invite Your Friends.” This is a great, professional way to tell your friends about TreasureTrooper. Input their email addresses and we'll send them a nice-looking email outlining the earning-potentials of the site. When they sign up, not only will they receive a $3 bonus, but they will become your referral so you make commission from all of their future activity!


TreasureTrooper's Jack Amazon has been hard at work setting up his new Facebook group. Be sure to join and check it regularly for special announcements, goodies, tips, and even contests!

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