Updated: 06/09/2009 22:27
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E*TRADE FINANCIAL Corp. announced that E*TRADE Securities LLC introduced Online Advisor, a special tool developed to provide investors with actionable investment guidance, including recommended asset allocations and solutions ranging from fully self-directed investing to 100 percent discretionary portfolio management from a registered investment adviser affiliate.

Online Advisor collects information on an investor’s risk tolerance, time horizon and general investing preferences, analyzes these data and then an investor’s risk tolerance, time horizon and general investing preferences If the investor has an E*TRADE brokerage account, Online Advisor presents an analysis of that account alongside the recommended allocation, with the option to implement the solution immediately, view other solutions appropriate to their circumstances, or save the recommended solution for a future visit.

“Ahead of the summer season, many investors are reassessing their financial portfolios,” said Michael Curcio, President, E*TRADE Securities. “E*TRADE’s Online Advisor helps investors quickly reevaluate their risk tolerance and goals — and immediately implement any changes through our website or one of our professional advisors. Online Advisor is designed to help E*TRADE customers become smarter, more effective investors.”

Curcio added: “E*TRADE is continually working to better address the evolving needs of individual investors. Our new tools take a needs-based approach to financial services — helping investors achieve their financial goals in a way that is best suited for them.”


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