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The name, design and the way of acting MajorBarter speaks only about one thing a large scale. Major Barter is online investing program

The name, design and the way of acting MajorBarter speaks only about one thing: a large scale. Major Barter - is online investing program, which makes profit with FOREX and proposing to share the profit with everyone who is ready to share the risks. The representatives of the company are saying that the risks are low. We have decided to learn the verity of these words.

HyipNews.com (HN): Greetings. First of all introduce yourself and tell us about your role in Major Barter.
MajorBarter (MB): This is Deborah A Parker admin of Major Barter Company.

HN: At the very beginning we have said that according to the information on the site the risks of investing in Major Barter are low. Is it so? Why risks are low?
MB: As you know Forex market is a high risky market and we should to have a great Money management and Risk management for reducing risk. We have several professional traders in around the world who trades and manages our accounts that invested by our members. The secret of their winning and low risk trades are just Money management and Risk management.

HN: FOREX - is really hard mechanism, and the chance for newbie to become successful is really low. Anyway, the experienced, conservative person also wont live long on FOREX market, where everything is changing very often. What kind of specialists are in your team?
MB: There are 2 types of analyze.

1- Fundamental Analyzin;

2- Technical Analyzing.

Fundamental is economic news and events and even gossip that effected in market. Technical is our specialist work for analyzing market from last to future that what is the market direction for enter to trade positions.

HN: Lately, our favorite question is about the crisis influence on investing activity. Speaking about the FOREX, what relations of this sphere activity with the crisis? I mean, what influence they have on each other? Does it hearts the position of investors?
MB: This a good question, because we can make profit from this crisis. Forex has a specification that you can first bye then sell or first sell then bye. When happen a crisis maybe market direction go to down, in this time we can open sell position without any already buying, and then buy that position opened for sell. You will see here we sell in up of market and buy in down of market and it caused to make profit.

HN: And the last question: can the conversation with you become possible for our readers on the pages of HyipNews.com in the future?

MB: YES. I am ready for any assist. We wish you luck and hope that the readers of HyipNews.com will be satisfied.

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