Updated: 06/17/2009 23:18
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If your business services a specific local or geographic area, local search based engines could be very important to you. Local search engines return results that are local businesses or web sites that are directed to your area. Have you ever searched for something and you are asked for your zip code? That is an example of a local search.

Google does a very good job at local searches. If you search for ‘Italian restaurants Chicago' not only do you get a list of restaurants, but Google brings up a map with specific information.

Good places to look for local search engines are city guides. They offer local search options and are a great place to submit your site.

If you have a brick and mortar store, or service a specific geographic area, then a local search engine is perfect for you. I know that if I need a local service, I find it through the Internet. I still get the Yellow Pages but it is the local guides on the Internet that I turn to first.

Very often these local directories are free and it takes very little time to get listed with them. Even though the traffic may be low, it is very relevant traffic and that, alone, makes being listed with a local search engine worth the time and effort.

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