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I was going to list another new GPT/PTC/PTR new site today, but all the information I basically already have "ready to go" on new sites is elsewhere...

I was going to list another new GPT/PTC/PTR new site today, but all the information I basically already have "ready to go" on new sites is elsewhere on the Web and the site is currently down right now for emergency maintenance - ugh. And I'm pushed for time yet again today, so let's talk about something a little different for a change that can still earn you merchandise and potentially cash.

MyPoints has been around for eons and many of you are probably already a member. If you're not, it's certainly worth signing up for. I have been a member since practically day one and over the years have used my points most often to renew needed magazine subscriptions, though now that's not so needed for me anymore and will probably be spending most of mine on gift cards for presents at Christmas time. That's what my sister has done for years - between MyPoints and ePoll, nearly all of the many gift cards she usually gives as Christmas gifts come from those two places.

Primarily MyPoints tends to be an "earn points for shopping" site, but to be honest I never have used that aspect of MyPoints, yet still have racked up large amounts of points to redeem for stuff over the years. There is so much to do there and rack up points on I couldn't possibly go over it all here, but I'd been meaning to add it to the suite of worthwhile sites to make and effort on for a while now, so here you go.

I would suggest possibly setting up an alternate e-mail address with Gmail for MyPoints use, as you will receive a LOT of mail in the form of MyPoints Bonus Mails, which usually have a link included that you earn points on for clicking (and really for most people is probably responsible for the brunt of point-earning in the MyPoints program). I have a separate e-mail address that I usually primarily for online surveys, so I won't likely miss a survey invitation, and I use this e-mail address for MyPoints activities as well.

Like I said, I can't imagine that most people aren't already members (or have been), but if you're not, it's truly worthwhile to sign up at MyPoints. I believe the main site is either US-only or US & Canada, but MyPoints does have other international MyPoints sites including Japan.

On another note, sorry for not having posted this week until today. It's been a busy week and the days have really gotten away from me fast, as is today. Hopefully a new site to share tomorrow, stay tuned!

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