Updated: 06/22/2009 19:47
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HYIP News. EQOO2 Admin provided clarification about significant changes in work rules.

This is an explanation why the new paragraph "Banning of sold programs and removal from Paid-to-Promote approved list" was added recently to E-Qoo2's Terms of Service.

For years, PTR members have protested against the sale or transfer of PTR programs including their personal information without being informed in advance. In many cases such a sale is followed by the new owner wiping all earnings (claiming the previous owners debt is not their problem) or applying new rules that make it very difficult or even impossible to reach payout and/or be paid your earnings. Also, new rules like those are often applied retroactively to make it even more difficult to get paid what you had already earned before the sale.

We call this "creative debt control" which means that a program owner is looking for ways to make it as difficult as possible for you to get paid. One stunning example of this which we see a lot is the announcement that tier 3 and tier 4 members (which are members who live outside nothern America and western Europe) can not cash out anymore but must use their earnings for advertising. In a worst case scenario the accounts of tier 3 and 4 members will even be deleted completely without any compensation whatsoever.

It's not just members who protest against these practices. Several program owners aren't happy with it either. And this is why we have decided that when a program is sold without at least a 7 day notice in advance to members, and when those members who want to leave before the new owner takes over are not paid in full, we wil ban these programs for 6 months from all advertising and - if applicable - remove these programs from our PTP approved lists.

We have already encountered a situation where a program was sold without members being informed and the new owner protested that banning their new program was unfair because they were not responsible for the actions of the old owner. Well, we disagree. When someone is interested in buying a program, they can make it a requirement for the sale that members are informed well in advance and paid in full if they wish to leave. If the old owner refuses to do this, then they can blow off the sale and look for another program to buy. It's as simple as that: a shared responsibility for both old owner and new owner.

We - the program owners who adopt the new policy - have already been accused of being on a power trip and of trying to dictate other PTR owners what they should or should not do. This is simply not true. Any program owner can do whatever pleases them. But, just like they are free to choose how they run their programs, we are free in deciding which programs we allow to be advertised and promoted at ours.

I hope that this explains why the new section was added to our terms of service. If you are interested in reading or even taking part in a discussion about how to improve the position of members of PTR programs and with that improving this industry in general, you can go here:


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