Updated: 06/29/2009 22:41
Hyip Monitor

Today I decided to test a high yield investment program called SigmaTral. There are a lot of new HYIPs appearing every day but I think we should be carefull and choose only the long term ones.

There are two plans available from SigmaTral, one daily, one weekly, both profitable and both sustainable. And that is the first thing I like about this program. Well start with the daily plan, or Option A as they call it. It runs for a term of 90 days and while your are a member under this plan you will be paid anything from 1% to 1.5% interest on your principal every calendar day. The size of your deposit will determine the rate of interest repaid and that works out as follows. From the minimum required amount of $5 up to $1000 you will earn 1% per day. I guess that will cover most of us. Its so straight forward it hardly requires an example from me, but just to spell it out anyway an investment of $100 will earn you a dollar a day for 90 days and finish with you earning a total of $90, or 90%, in pure profit. I say pure profit because of course your principal is returned to you on expiry. Pretty simple. Eh? For informational purposes the other rates of interest applicable to this plan include 1.25% paid on deposits from $1001 to $10,000 and the maximum rate of 1.5% is paid on deposits upwards of $10,000 to the allowed maximum of $50,000.

Option B is what they call the weekly plan. It offers a bigger return on your investment for a bigger risk so maybe the more adventurous players will enjoy this one. On closer inspection though we can see that its not really that much more of a risk than the previous plan. Not really a significant risk anyway considering it runs for a shorter period and will see you in profit before expiry. It will also see you break even (at the lower rate of interest) a full three weeks before the daily plan expires. Heres how it works. The plan runs for 12 weeks during which time SigmaTral will return 12 weekly payments varying between 10% and 12% depending on the size of the figure you deposited. The exact rates are 10% per week on amounts from $5 to $1000, 11% on deposits between $1,001 and $10,000, and the maximum rate only paid on deposits from there up to the maximum $50,000. So if we take out $100 and deposit it here instead we can expect 12 weekly payments of $10, meaning we break even after 10 weeks (70 days, not 90 days as in the other plan) and finish the plan with a total profit of $120. And again thats pure profit on top of our original principal which is returned. As you can see its quite simple. Its profitable which obviously being the reason most of us are here is great, but just as importantly this is a realistic target to aim for and more than achievable and sustainable in the long run.

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