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Delivering podcasts is another alternative for online videos. There are lots of free or paid resources for creating it as well.

6. Delivering podcasts is another alternative for online videos. There are lots of free or paid resources for creating it as well. You need to find an interesting topic, which attracts attention of existing users and can attract more. If you could raise some discussion to your audience invite more participants in it it would be indeed useful. Otherwise, you can read articles, give recommendations or expert advice or analyze some cases.

7. Join Twitter. With its fast growing popularity this resource opens a wide perspective for online marketing. Be creative. Choose a Twitter nickname that could easily be remembered or attract attention. Try to find your own audience, which likes your style and try to catch those people and enlarge their number. Do not forget to place their maximum information related to your business, including links and description. Be communicative. Participate in discussions and comment on other users posts. It will make users interested in you.

8. Make arrangements for interview in various online resources or conferences. That will make your name sound and you will get a reputation of an expert. Of course, you should be well-prepared and experienced enough to support your ideas.

9. Post articles at Let people know you are an expert and you are experienced enough to share your professional ideas. The more often the audience sees you, the more popular you are. Be creative and post interesting ideas.

10. Pay attention to text advertising. Their price is not that high and most probably you can afford it. Buy ad space on those sites that can bring you target users and you will get your profit.

11. You may think over and add some entertainment to your project. Add competitions for your clients and give them bonuses. Make them study your project and use this knowledge. You may add quizzes or puzzles or invent something new. All sorts of competitions usually make people more active and encourage them to participate to get the prize even if this prize is not expensive.

12. Collect feedback. Let your website visitors post their opinions, share their ideas and express themselves. You may just design an online feedback form at your site or create a special poll on various topics. It is recommended for your to know users opinion to take it into account while dealing with them.

13. Do not stop educating. Read books related to your MLM marketing project sphere, look through interviews and explore new trends that may have relation to your business. This system is dynamic, and its development never stops, so your knowledge should be up to date to make your business successful.

14. Do not stop working on your project. Try to update it every day and do not make breaks in developing your network. Little effort every day makes more use than much work done rarely.

15. Be sure that you will get success and do not get upset if something goes not so fast as you expected. What you need is persistence and good will, and you will reach your goals.

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