Updated: 06/30/2009 19:47
Hyip Monitor

We all need traffic. The more traffic, the better the chance of making a sale or getting a referral. I've started to use traffic sites. Yes, I've used them in the past. And they didn't work for me. Because I don't believe I used them right. They were too much work and they generated too little traffic. So I've been doing some playing around and I've discovered that there are many new traffic sites that are offering free pro membership and a load of freebies to new members (once you signup, and log in, go to Setup Advertising and enter the code). I've recently signed up at two: e-ticket (e-traffic.fantastic-traffic.net, pro code: free) and usaadexchange (pro code: usa).

Both of them work the same. With e-ticket I got 320,000 points plus free solo ads and traffic links. With usaadexchange I got 270,000 points PLUS 20 FREE solo ads and 20 FREE traffic links. I'm taking advantage of the freebies to post ads and links. When I no longer have free ads and links, I will use my (free) points to buy new traffic links and new solo ads. And when the points are gone, I'll move onto another site.

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