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High yield investments online are not only big risks and pyramids. The high yield investments online include a great number high yield opportunities

High yield investments on-line - are not only big risks, endless scams and pyramids. The high yield investments on-line include a great number of absolutely legal, totally honest and really high yield opportunities. Don't you believe it? Then, welcome BuxP.

BuxP is a star of the sky "get paid to" programs (GPT). GPT programs don't require special money investments from you. Everything what are you investing is your labor, which is generously paid by advertisers and sponsors. BuxP is offering to its clients to earn on the clicks (PayToClick). That is, all you have to do to get paid - is to click on a few links. It's simple, isn't it? Yes, it's so simple. But only on the one hand.

From the other hand, the organization of GPT programs , as any other project is based a great deal of labor, knowledge and experience. There are lots of examples, when get paid programs were living through not a good time. But the BuxP - is a steel project, which is working for more than a year without any problems. We have had a conversation with Oliver, one of the founder of BuxP and we have found some precious secretes of his project

HyipNews.com (HN): So, what is the secret of BuxP? What is the feature, that allows both holding on the position and headily developing and growing?
BuxP Ltd. (BuxP): There are hundreds of starting PTC sites that don't make it to the end of the first month. We (myself and my partner) were convinced though that it would be possible to create a profitable business. So we investigated & noted down the reasons why other GPT sites turned into a scam shortly and adjusted those basic needs. A combination that satisfies the users and the owners is what buxp is right now. Each month hundreds of users get paid by us, and we invest a certain percentage into creating new features and updates.

HN: Did you determine for yourself the main reasons that turn the PTC projects into a scam? What are that reasons, if it's not a secret? How have you succeeded to expel them?
BuxP: One of the obvious reasons that everyone can see is the unreliable click rate that gpt sites offer to their members, but there is more. It's a combination of financial stability and handling features. The last one refers to managing the website as it grows and gets busier. Most GPT sites are owned by one person (kid?) who spends an hour per day on the site. If you do not upgrade administrator features to avoid time-loss, and you do not have a good team to work with you, I don't think any GPT site can survive.

HN: Was the BuxP primordial organized as PTC- project or is it a part of something big? Are you planning to make expansion on the neighboring markets, for example paid to read or paid to surf?
BuxP: BuxP right now is much more than an ordinary PTC site, but we are not yet at our final stage Right now users get paid to visit websites, get paid to complete offers & survey's, get paid to promote our system etc... but our aim is to have a "revenue sharing network". BuxP is part of a real company Pandux Network (http://pandux.com) where a few of our sites are listed on.

HN: Frankly speaking, why exactly paid to click? Is it your own preference, concatenation of circumstances or any other ideas/observations for the GPT market?
BuxP: My partner has been a website traffic seller for ages with other sources, and the incentive human traffic source seemed interesting. At the time we were thinking to start BuxP, PTC sites were very popular but not yet that spread. I believe PTC traffic can be very useful, and that is proven by many returning advertisers we get daily. Unlike other PTC sites, where advertisers are often not "important", at BuxP users and advertisers are on the same level. We invest the most into improving our advertising system, since that is the main income source of BuxP.

HN: Do you think that competition in the GPT sphere is dangerous?
BuxP: Competition is not bad at all. The potential for this market is huge, and in the end only 1% of starting GPT sites survive and get all the attention. PTC sites business is basically dead. Dead in a way that 99% of new sites that popup are scams. This is a shame, but it is our responsibility to show our (potential) users that we are not just a site. I think there are many things we can (and will) do to improve Buxp, but if you show professionalism and people will trust and believe in your project, the negativity of the market itself does not really matter anymore.

HN: What advice can you give for everybody who makes high incomes and trying to earn in the GPT/PTC sphere?
BuxP: Watch out before spending money! This is the case for every niche. As said before, most GPT sites will turn into a scam longterm. There are several websites who review GPT sites. Make your research before acting. If you are looking to make monthly $x,xxx figures, I believe there are better opportunities. Our high earning members earn easily $100+ per month without much work, since there is a thing called referrals.

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