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I have quite a bit of news to go over but first Steve and I want to wish all of you a happy and safe 4th of July weekend. :) FHO has its 1900th...

I have quite a bit of news to go over-- but first Steve and I want to wish all of you a happy and safe 4th of July weekend. :) FHO has its 1900th member! YEAHHHH!! Congrats to Apoth for referring our 1900th member moongolfer. Apoth won $20.00..wtg! Frautzee: Starting on Tuesday- because it ends on Monday-- ALL members must message me by Tuesday morning if they want to be counted in frautzee winnings. I will then go through each members results--for those who message me that is. And will pay each member and send them an inbox message on what they earned and ended up with :)

Offers: some of our offers are not auto crediting. Im not sure why. And with it being the holiday weekend I wont know until Monday or Tuesday. :)
But I am running stats about 5 times a day. And the 2 offers listed below are very hot right now.
SaveAndSmile - Justice for Girls
GadgetCenter - Grad Laptop

I ran a poll question about doing away with the hydrant drawing, because quite honestly it was kind of a pain. LOL.. and 100% of the answers were to get rid of it and start a scrabble contest. I had a member suggest this months ago, so our next contest/game will be scrabble and we will not have a hydrant drawing.:)
I will get it all set up on Monday or Tuesday.

First 20 members get this promo code:

On the contest calendar I forgot to add in a random completion contest. And since it is so popular with everyone we will have one starting on July 7th and it will run until the 11th. :)
And we will have more of those.. I cant believe I dont see one on the calendar. HA.

Well.. we are having a wonderful time up here. We went to Wisconsin yesterday and bought a bunch of fire works and let them off last night. I think we have 3/4 of my sons neighbors out watching them. :)
Today is a BBQ and then off to somewhere to watch fire works again.

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