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estimonials can be a very powerful marketing tool. Customers want to trust a company before doing business.

Testimonials can be a very powerful marketing tool. Customers want to trust a company before doing business. Testimonials of positive experiences can help build that trust. Here's a step by step process on how to use testimonials in marketing:

1. Get the testimonials
Getting the testimonials can be difficult. But after successful transactions, it's appropriate to ask for a testimonial. The easiest way to ask for and receive a testimonials is via email. Whatever you do, don't make up fake testimonials.

2. Collect a group of testimonials
One or two testimonials aren't very helpful. You should have at least a handful of testimonials prior to marketing the testimonials.

3. Get permission for usage
When you get the testimonial, ask for permission to use the customer's name. In some situations, customers may even be willing to supply their email, phone number, website or other personal information. But be sure to get the permission in writing.

4. Display the testimonials
If you have an online startup, you can place the testimonials online in an easy to access area of the website. If it's not an online startup, you can include testimonials in brochures or any other paperwork distributed by your company.

5. Update the testimonials
Stale and outdated testimonials lose their value rather quickly. Be sure to keep fresh testimonials coming. Dating each testimonial can show a history of quality business practices.

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