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The first thing I want to say, when entering the OilInsider site is: simple but intelligible. I also would add that it is modest. But considered. Here is almost everything and almost everything is done as it should. First of all the wide choice of currencies is striking: Liberty Reserve, PerfectMoney, StrictPay and even such not widespread variant as ECU. You can make a deposit with any of these methods (minimum $10 or Euro)

From the first sight it's evident that site has (SSL) protection, and checked by COMODO. I also would like to see the DDOS protection but I think that administration is planning to do it as soon as project will be popular. But it's becoming popular really fast. For (about) two months of the work, they have #350 000 at Alexa. The first monitoring site was Goldpoll, then HyipInvestment. This information is proving of step by step and methodical development. It means that they have a future.

According to the announcement of the administration OilInsider makes it's income on the energy resources trading. I'm not a specialist in this field, but it's not necessary to be a specialist for the clients of OilInsider. The qualified staff of the company will do everything for them. Everything you have to do is only to receive your %. Which are no so high, only 10% weekly. It's not so much for the sphere of high yield investing, but it's better less and for a long time than much but for a short period. And OilInsider has all chances to stay here for a long time.

Pay your attention that the first deposit is not paying out. Besides you will get your % as long as the project will work, so you have all chances to double your income. Of course if you risk it. And of course if you will be lucky.


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