Updated: 07/08/2009 21:52
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It's absolute mystery why the administrator of the Oil Forex Trading project didn't make any tries to warn his investors. We hope that we will contact them and ask this question. But now, it's a fact. After six days of the break, suddenly their site became available again and you can read it in the news:

About our 6 days Break
We had 6 days Host Server down with an external Problem.
Please do not deposit and do not withdrawal request.
We will inform you after system updated.
Monitor admin can process their account only.

Because of the last line we have restored the project in our catalog. And have put the status according to the current situation. Moreover, for the payouts control we have reinvested the resources. But, at the same time we recommend to the new investors to be careful with this project. Till that time until we will get clearly explanations, you can make a deal with oil Forex Trading on your
own risk. Because the risk is really high. Follow our news line and the forum of Oil Forex Trading. The fresh information will be published here and there.

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