Updated: 07/09/2009 23:19
Hyip Monitor

Unfortunately it's not the returning of MajorBarter. It's appearing of the MajorBarter 2. Is it a impudence of the MajorBarter 1 creator or just a joke? We are reminding that MajorBarter - is a SCAM project, which has appeared recently and disappeared after the one week. It is a strange fact that since the beginning the administration of MajorBarter has started active advertising company, registered on many monitoring sites (also, unfortunately Everything was fine until they has stopped paying. My personal opinion: the size of the Major Barter deposits was so big, that they since the beginning were incapable of paying a such percent. Roughly speaking, it was easy for them to close and steal the money than try to pay it out. Then site appeared several times, we all were demanding our money back, but it was useless. And, now we have MajorBarter2.

The site is very simple, if not take into consideration fancy cars and the main thing. The payouts percent, it's 11595% daily. It's awesome. Looks like they expect that lots of people will like to check it - is MajorBarter paying or not? NOT PAYING. The proves about 50 monitoring sites - is a lie. The links on the forum - is a lie. And of course this ( certificate - also is a scam.

By the way, about the monitoring sites. The page which should include 50 status "PAYING" of course is absent. But at the first page you can see three status. The one is from Top1Vote (,one from MonitorInvest ( and the third is from HYIP-Monitorings ( We have already promised to create scam-monitoring rates, looks like these plans will be realized soon. In any case, we have three candidates for the first place.

As for the MajorBarter 2 we can say for sure it's a scam. Impudent and dishonest fraud. In any case do not invest in it. Even if you are curious. Because, even these bought monitoring sites are fake. Because in the other case any of administrators would have more than 126% from his $20.
Absolute scam!


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