Updated: 07/09/2009 21:11
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As we have said it many times, the domination of old ideas and absence of development kills the high yield investment market. That's why on our table such projects are appearing which can boast with idea. Original, funny, interesting, smart. The main thing - idea. InvestiMates has a such idea. InvestiMates - very interesting project, quite simple for understanding, and the main thing is accepting from the first sight as get paid to surf, but is not more than high yield investment program. What else does it have?

Let's start from that InvestiMates - is a Roger's project, the author of USDozen - not so successful experience in the field of get paid to surf. But how is successful this project we will judge in the end, but fortunately the end is not coming. As a matter of the fact, that author of USDozen, Roger Miller, from the first page of InvestiMates name himself and arouse the trust from the side of investors. As far as we understand in the first week the clients of USDozen became the clients on InvestiMates. It proves that Roger didn't scam anybody and the mark of his activity only raised up. Because in any case the first thing which he has gained as the administrator of a such projects - is experience. And the experience has a special price. That's why InvestiMates is a rather valuable project.

It's interesting not only in order of relations with precursor - project , it's interesting in all aspects. Let's talk for example about the percent. InvestiMates offers 10% during 12 days. But it's only the first plan. The second plan - 12% daily but the percent is paying out on experity (!). That is, you will get 144% ROI, but only after 12 days last. A bit risky but very interesting, isn't it? Looks like, InvestiMates unites the benefits of high yield investing and the pluses of get paid to surf area. More than 1000 people, joined to the project during the first month of their work - good prove of that InvestiMates has gained the successful result in this direction.

Talking about the payouts, minimum and payment systems, here everything is rather standard and comfortable. Minimum $5, available methods of paying: AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, StrictPay, LibertyReserve. Only maximum limit is non-typical. It's $1200 and provide step by step development. Very smart thing.

The support service works reliable and very qualified. The hosting on the dedicated server. Usual standard pack. Consider that project offers very high percent, it's hard to not warn you about the risks. But, you understand it by yourself. The main thing in Investimates - idea. And this idea is very attractive. At this moment not only intellectually, but also from the financial side. At this moment the risk of investing looks very reasonable. But on your own, of course


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