Updated: 07/11/2009 16:48
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The Commonwealth Bank of Australia confirmed on June 30, 2009 that its online banking service, NetBank, had been hit by DenialofService attack, in...

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia confirmed on June 30, 2009 that its online banking service, NetBank, had been hit by Denial-of-Service attack, in which hackers send huge number of requests to a website thus overloading it to the point of collapse. However, the bank stated that there were no instances of customer accounts being hijacked.

Besides, 80% of the e-mails attempting to reach the primary server were from unfamiliar sources, raising doubts about the IT security at Commonwealth. Nichole Ismay, Spokesperson of CBA, said in an e-mail that the bank had been receiving an enormous amount of traffic, which had been risen nearly 66%, and some of it seemed to be malevolent. According to Ismay, the type and source of the traffic awaited identification.

During the attack period, numerous customers of Commonwealth Bank could not log-in their accounts since dubious hike in inbound traffic, which apparently hackers had been sending, continuously disrupted the service even on the last day of the financial year. The bank suggested accountholders to keep attempting to log-in to the bank's online site, or to get in touch with CBA. On four instances over just one day, CBA's NetBank service had to be shutdown as the bank struggled with a suspected attack from malicious hackers.

Moreover, many customers complained online about the incessant troubles in opening the Net banking site, and discrepancies between the balances in their accounts and the transactions they made. Customers, who did succeed in accessing NetBank, said that the site displayed no transaction.

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