Updated: 07/12/2009 12:01
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What is cooler than getting paid Surprise payments that you are not expecting I joined Charmed Ideas about six or seven weeks ago

What's cooler than getting paid? Surprise payments that you aren't expecting!

I joined Charmed Ideas about six or seven weeks ago on the recommendation of another active member of the community. $0.01 (and even half cent) PTCs really do add up and it turns out Charmed Ideas sends a fair amount of paid e-mail daily too, so I had been pretty thrilled with how that was going.

Since the site has a bit of a high cashout minimum at $7, I wasn't really expecting to cashout anytime soon, but lo and behold - I just happened to be in my AlertPay account the other night and noticed I'd received a payment of $1.04 on July 5th! So that's neat, I like knowing when I'm going to get paid but the sites that do random payouts, that's kind of cool too because it's sort of like Christmas or a surprise party or something... heh.

Anyway, check out Charmed Ideas today if you're not already a member - nice steady amount of paid mails and $0.01 and half cent PTCs, if you're like me and that's what you're doing most of the time these days, I think you'll be pleased! And random surprise payouts are not a bad deal either.

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