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Investing in Infinitiva ( is designed to deliver optimal riskadjusted returns for our clients. Our investors are provided with a...

Investing in Infinitiva ( is designed to deliver optimal risk-adjusted returns for our clients. Our investors are provided with a daily income at variable interest rate that depends on the invested amount. The investment period is 150 trading days for all plans except the Starter Plan, which has a period of 30 trading days

Infinitiva Today. Today Infinitiva is one of the most fast-growing and perspective corporations, working on an exchange market. Main company business is trading on FOREX market. Systematic market analysis, observation of foreign exchanges, margin trading, effective use of fundamental and technical analysis, everything is performed in order to reduce risks and get a profit. Corporation performs its activity 24 hours a day due to a group of professional traders.

Infinitiva looks after its image and is a participant of international exhibitions, seminars, and trading competitions. We continually extend our geography and number of provided services, and also do our best in order to let our clients feel confidently and get qualified assistance of specialists in time. Our relations with clients, which are based on confident communication and mutual respect, are the most valuable matter for us.

We are aware that the efficiency of solving tasks that face the corporation directly depends on professionalism and motivation of our colleagues. Our team consists of highly skilled specialists in finances and, particularly, FOREX market; each of them has his unique understanding of the market, and all together they create an absolute mechanism, which is working ideally and is perfected continually.

Our Business. Deep analysis of foreign exchange market

Timely and objective market analysis is the keystone to success. It is possible to assess risks and make a right choice at the concrete situation if only you observe market behavior and its reaction to important political and economic news. Sometimes even usual weather forecast can influence market behaviour and, therefore, our traders keep a wary eye on the market and incoming information 24 hours a day.

Application of fundamental and technical analysis

Correct application of fundamental analysis together with technical analysis increase percent of successful transactions. At the moment the great number of various tools exists for technical analysis: stochastics, oscillators, Fibonacci levels, and many others. The correct use of these tools gives really fabulous results.

Projection of trading systems

Since the appearance of traders profession a lot of people have been interested in an issue concerning automatization of trading and creation of highly effective trading systems. For the moment a special department, which develop and test trading systems and automatic trading systems, is working in the corporation.

Constant control of open positions and fixation of profit

Our traders always use protective orders to protect the deposit from unexpected and sudden market fluctuations. Constant control of open positions and timely intervention in case of unforeseen conditions are performed to prevent losses.

Infinitiva is a well-established organization. And the main things for us are your calmness and your confidence regarding our competence.

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