Updated: 07/20/2009 15:45
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Yesterday, when we were organizing the interview we have received the answers from one administrator, who named himself as Robert Engler. We have checked him by our data base HYIP&GPT and found ... that we don't have a such address. That is the answer came from unknown address! from But the request on the interview was sending to the address! Robert Engler, wrote from, claims that he is real. He says that administrator of the hosting has stolen and trying to scam the investors. Now he just doesn't have the access to that site...

Of course , first of all I have started to check the information on the outside sources. The monitoring sites, Vanotrade has a few of them, all like the one show the PAYING status. And they all like a one appeal on I have asked the administrator of the Vanotrade: if the status is PAYING, it means that a thief who has stolen is PAYING? "And Payments come from me at," - admin answered. What is proving in the memo field of payouts...

That is, in view the existing of LR account, which is under the control of a real admin, it seems like the payouts are proceeding. BUT THE MONITORING SITES ARE APPEALING ON, that is, the deposit makes at, but I doubt whether the account of Vanotrade is filling there. But where are scammed investors? There are really lots of positive responses on the board. But why the administrators of the monitoring site do nothing? Of course there are lots of suspicious services, but also there are some respected, for example, bakster. Why are they working so slow and not trying to find out the truth?

I hope, that soon we will get the answers to these questions. But now we can only be puzzled and warn our investors from investing right now. We will try to get extra information and publish it as soon as possible. Perhaps we would publish even the interview, which was received from the administrator of At this moment the situation looks so tangled, that it's better to stay away from it.


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