Updated: 07/20/2009 23:05
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Last week we were writing about that some investors have had problems with taking money out (particularly we also have had such problems) From the message of the error it was clear that probably Liberty Reserve payment system has a problem (payouts in other currencies were successful). But we have tried to get the official comment and John Vincenzo the representative of support service has gave us the answer:

As you can see, it's on-line now. Liberty Reserve had problems with their API regularly (several times per day).
They also had a major outage yesterday night, all LR members had problems with accessing their accounts (account source is not exists, password error etc.) Verifield's account is not an exception and our system cant access it about 10-15 times per day ( with sleep interval = ~ 2-3 minutes ). So, login to your account right now and try to withdraw. If You 'll have any problem while LR API status is online, just let me know.

ID of Verifield

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