Updated: 07/23/2009 17:34
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Recently the site of the AsianInvest Group suddenly has switched off. But the administrator has said that reason is in the massive DDoS attack. Here is his message:

Our site is currently under massive DDOS attack, so you may have problems accessing it.
We are doing our best to stop the attack.
Thank you for your patience.

After one day, the site has appeared for some time but then it became "off line" again. Probably the reason is the same DDoS. But we can only guess, because the communication with the administration is gone. It is impossible to understand, who might need to attack the project, which has worked actively only a few months. Moreover, the portfolio of the AsianInvestGroup allows them to generate income only at the level of 2-14% weekly, and it's automatically defining the project as "quiet" and inoffensive. As far as we know, they also have the protection and dedicated server. The more information, the more bewilderment. What's happened with AsianInvestGroup? In the theory, it would be not so logically to leave the stage at this level of the development. At the minimum, because the peak of the development is ahead, they didn't make advertising company.

Very mystic situation.

ID of AsianInvest Group

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