Updated: 07/24/2009 21:30
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OilForex Trading is gone. Oil Forex Trading was absent for (6 days). Oil Forex Trading has came back. Oil Forex Trading has changed the design (and engine). Oil Forex Trading HAS WROTE US! And has said: We pay really, you can check it yourself. our system is automatically . So what if it's automatic, we don't understand. Probably the administrator wanted to say that he can't scam the investors. That is, all processes are automatic, that's why everything is fair. But the topic of his campaign is still in the scam listing on the TalkGold. In spite of clackers who have started to scream: paying, this program is paying.

We don't argue that oilforextrading.com is paying. Paying stable during last month, but only to.... chosen people. For example, look at the monitoring sites, which are placing on the page (http://oilforextrading.com/?a=cust&page=rate_us). Do you see at least one serious service among them? No. Because serious service will not put good mark for a such work. Especially serious status. So, it's a SCAM.

We would be so sorry to offend the honest project and honest name of the administrator. Especially when it's trying to show that he is honest. But we have serious suspicions that administrator of this project is trying to do it with the aim of getting extra resources. The life time of the project with selective payouts is maximum for a three weeks. Then they will close. If we (we hope so much) are going wrong, that administrator can disprove our announcement , but at this moment we are insisting: BE CAREFUL.

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