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Well, what a day yesterday was!As many of you will have noticed, the domain showed upas "expired domain" yesterday. "Well,...

Well, what a day yesterday was!As many of you will have noticed, the domain showed upas "expired domain" yesterday. "Well, why didn t you renew in time Fairy", I hearyou ask. The simple answer: Fairy couldn t because it turned out Fairy didn t ownthat domain! Somehow, when I took over MoonlightFairy last year the actual transferot the domain was forgotten. No big deal, had I been able to contact the previousowner - but try as I might, to no avail - not even with the help from some membersin the Moonlight Chatbox: many thanks to you!Which left your Fairy no other option than to move to another domain. Fortunately, the domain was available. At this point I want to send a big "Thank You" to Glen of AMCS hosting who has been very quick and efficient in gettingthe move to the new domain done . I have dealt wilt Glen before and he never has failedto impress me with the level of service he provides. Kudos Glen!So, here we are. No longer at but at !Though not planned, it is a change for the better actually. A shorter domain nameis better and we are now running on a faster server.But... it DOES mean all your and mine advertising links that have a reference in them must be changed to . That s ahelluva job and I am very sorry about it - but there s no way around it.===================================================================================By way of small compensation for your efforts Fairy raises the referral bonus forevery new (and active) referral to $2 until we reach 1,000 members (now at 950!).===================================================================================There are still some things that need adapting to the new domain - these will bedone tonight and tomorrow. Nothing serious though, you can all surf and get prizesas usual :-) I am behind in executing advertising orders, these will get done eithertonight or tomorrow.So, lets look the future. By august 1 MoonlightFairy will have reached the 1,000member mark. From then on, it will be a different ballgame. MoonlightFairy willturn into a powerhouse for those of you that are willing and able to get the message out. And the association of owners that have the Moonlight ShareBox installed will go into overdrive to get your sites more eyeballs than ever before!There s plenty of Fairy Dust still left :-)Cheers to my fantastic members,Rob.

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