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There was a sudden silence and a feeling of shock as the world witnesses the passing of a great soul, the man dubbed as the King of Pop, Michael...

There was a sudden silence and a feeling of shock as the world witnesses the passing of a great soul, the man dubbed as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. This child prodigy of the 70's has evolved and become one of the most respected icon in the music industry, His music touched a million souls. His life was a great big adventure that continues to inspire thousands of his fans and followers even he is no longer with us today.

So what can we learn from Michael Jackson that would help us become our own King in the MLM industry? How can we inspire people and touch people's lives in a way that we too, may hopefully, get near to the kind of impact Jackson did with his won league of fans? Let's look at four lessons MLM distributors can learn from the great Michael Jackson.

Lesson #1: Man with a Vision
Michael Jackson is a man with a vision. At the young age of 5 he began to entertain people and believed in giving the best every time he hit the stage. It doesn't stop there. Michael Jackson believed in himself without a shadow of a doubt. He believed that he could break through this racial discrimination and capture the hearts and minds of people from all races and unite them through the power of music. His vision became a reality and Jackson became a musical legend.

Lesson #2: Breaking Barriers
Jackson doesn't impose a glass ceiling that would stifle his true potential in the music industry. He refused to acknowledge that his music is only suitable for the blacks. When the Jackson 5 started their musical odyssey back in the 1970's, the world was still shackled by silent racial barrier and segregation of music between the races. Jackson believed he has the talent and ability to entertain, amuse and inspire people with his own kind of music. He introduced a new wave of revolution that shattered the barriers between the black and the white music.

Lesson #3: Consistent Quality
Even when Michael has become a very successful entertainer and a multi-millionaire, his passion or excellence and quality doesn't stop. He practiced endlessly before every single performance even to his last breath for the believed in giving the best shot in everything you do in life. This is one quality that MLM distributors can learn and emulate from the King of Pop.

Lesson #4: Fighter
This might be the most valuable legacy Michael jack son for us all. His enduring spirit and belief in his own ability propelled him to move forward and strive to improve his life for he better even when he's 50 years old, frail, sickly and buried with a 500 dollars million in total debt. When other people were too busy speculating about his upcoming bankruptcy and his financial demise, Michael Jackson kept busy on the more important things-to take charge of his life and doing whatever he can to change it for the better. Even during his last breath, Jackson was still moving forward doing what he needed to do to save his empire-to prepare for a mega exposure worldwide show which could have helped save his empire and get him out of debt. Michael Jackson was a fighter and this is a very important trait all MLM distributors should possess if we want to learn the steps to success from the King of Pop.

The passing of Michael Jackson touched all of us on a deeper level, and the love and legacy he left behind will continue to live and inspire us all.

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