Updated: 07/27/2009 08:20
Hyip Monitor

I feel extremely proud and happy to announce that we have successfully completed 1 month today. It was obviously a rough ride for us, we came across various highs and lows but we braved them all.

Our member base is increasing at an amazing rate, the count has already touched 2666. Thats simply astounding. We have lived to our principles and have been utterly honest and frank with all the our members and their queries.

The total deposit base has reached $241,390.53 and total fund withdrawn is $74,511.08. This is a very healthy sign. You must have come across programs where the deposit volume is very high but at the same time the withdraw volume is equally high. Now thats a bad sign, cos people are into the hit and run policy. What is our objective is to make our program a STICKY investment platform, where people will invest and let their funds grow.

By the way there were several SCEPTICS who raised finger at us questioning our sustainability, let me tell them that our existing plans are PURELY promotional in nature, that means after 1 month we wont be continuing with the same plans as now. We have planned to launch the DAILY commission plan from September'09 onwards, wherein we will offer commissions ranging from 1-3% per day. Good news is that we will offer compounding on all the daily plans.

So friends, August is the month where you can maximise on the Special plan that is on offer now. Your money will literally grow 3 times in Special plan in 30 days ..DO YOU KNOW THAT??

Example: $100 becomes $175 in 15 days and $175 will become $306 in the next 15 days, so $100 is actually becoming $306 in 1 month and thats AMAZING. So friends, there is no looking back now, if you have faith in our system and principles, then just go ahead and invest the the Special plan and get maximum benifit out.

Practically speaking we are neither a HYIP or a HYPE but we are a investment platform which will work towards building peoples money. In todays scenario the word HYIP is very much hated by many, so that why we dont want to be addressed by that word.

I repeat, follow your instincts and make investment wisely in our program, you will definitely get a positive result.

We will last till the point when no competitor is around and we will strive to give the best service until every member is completely satisfied with us. HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY AND HAPPY INVESTING.

Best regards,

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