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Recently, I was sure that we have published the review about Forex LTD. I'm sure that our constant readers have noticed and estimated this company, which gives qualified financial management service over a year. Now we have had conversation with one representative of this company, who has told us lots of interesting information about Forex ltd. It's necessary to read for everyone who is interested in high yield investments and interesting offers for investing. The answers to our questions were given by Jaagup Chesnokov, Forex LTD Admin (HN): Greetings. Below I have said that those who are interested in high yield investments and investments proposal are obliged to read it. Do you agree that Forex Ltd has something to offer? What is that?
Forex LTD (F): We suggest for invest in Forex market just for people who have risk ability, because Forex is a high risk market, and there is no profits always, sometimes it is attend loss. But we are trying to make more profit for coverage of some losses.

HN: What is your experience and the experience of your team in managing resources on Forex ltd? Our experinece is since 2003 and we are online for accepting online invests since 2007. What result can you show to your potential clients?
F: We can make money from Forex market and participate it with investors, but strategies are secret and we can not show them.

HN: As far as we know, you are offering very low minimum. Starting from $25 the investors can create deposits and get certain percent of the profit. Does it make some problems the managing of a such big amount of the small accounts?
F: As you know we don't trade for clients separately, our trades are whole and it make with small invests of clients, so there is no problem.

HN: I guess that performing operations with big numbers of the accounts is possible, first of all, thanks to you engine, technical side of your project. Do you have unique engine or it's realized on the base of already existing.
F: All trades are donig with professional traders and market analyzers.

HN: Is your hosting and site protected? Do you have any methods of resistance to the DDoS and other manifestations of unfair rival fight?
F: As you see our website have not been never down. It means the DDOS protection is very strong and perfect.

HN: On the monitoring site the term of the work is more than 500 days. Does it mean the term of active operating on-line or the term of company's functioning in general? It is just onilne activity. Tell us please, when and how Forex Ltd was appeared.
F: Company founded 2003 by several individual traders.

HN: It's not easy for the companies which are working so long. The attention from the investors side is increasing, but the rivals in their turn do everything possible to spoil their life. What steps Forex Ltd is going to make about this case. In other words, what steps of the further development have you planned?
F: Its secret is in professional traders and Money management and Risk management.



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