Updated: 07/29/2009 15:35
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So, Novalex has left us. And looks like that this time forever. There is a message on their site about hosting troubles, on the monitoring sites it is ON HOLD. Such kind of projects are can't even get the status NOT PAYING. They are running fast or not running at all. What's happed? Everything as it used to. Starting from 20 of July the problems with payouts has appeared. Small hold-ups. Then, everyday receiving new requests without working on it, Novalex Finance started to receive more and more negative votes. Looks like nothing special in this situation. But...

Suddenly some enthusiasts have appeared (and they are still here), which making us believe that they have answers from the supprot and in this answers the administration is saying that they are solving the hosting problems. Of course there is no need to believe in it. where there is smoke, there is fire. There is a really small number of people who have seen the message(warning) from NovalexFinance about their problems.

ID of Novalex Finance

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