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Available proves that willdopay is a scam nobody has wrote nowhere about the case that project is not paying

hi I have invested 20$in willdopay.com,i have requested withdraw amount of 340$ 6days ago. still not credited in my liberty reserve account . is this a scam site?

At this moment we don't have strong proves that willdopay is a scam. Anyway, nobody has wrote nowhere about the case that project is not paying. But we are sure, that your words are true and willdopay is really scam project. Why? First of all they are offering to double your initial deposit on 1 day. At the same time the minimum is $100. Even for the Ponzi scheme 100% daily - is the nonsense. It's hard to manage the resources with a such speed if you are not popular. That's why usually starting from the smaller sums. For example, starting from a $1, that's why it's evidently that nobody in willdopay was going to pay!

Secondly, look at their design and the site. It's simple, stupid and free. They have a stats: $10 000 000, but the at the same time they can't develop unique content for themselves? It's a lie. Of course, the most of HYIPs are the lie, but a SUCH lie is guarantying that you will lost you money AT ONCE. You just wont have any chances.....

Thirdly, they don't have monitoring sites.
In general I can proceed it endlessly, in any case I can easily find more than 33 reasons to NOT INVEST in willdopay. But, unfortunately you have already invested in it, I am sorry. If you would ask the opinion of the HyipNews.com BEFORE investing, you could save you your money. There are lots of more attractive projects in our catalog.

P.S. By the way if you want to get a feedback from us and the link on the publication of your scam report PERSONALLY, leave the e-mail address or any other comfortable contact information.

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