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The first thing what we are doing before making the review (short or large) is the checking of the support service work. I think it's a very important evaluative parameter and I don't like when the administration is keeping the silence. So, recently, we are lucky on the "sociable" projects, which are answering on our unobtrusive letters immediately. One of those projects is The Kapital International (TheKapital).

Recently, I was writing the series of the materials about First Sign At Hyip, in which I was pointed the importance of the first impression from the site of the investing company. So, TheKapital has two impressions: big black man and sunflower. As the site is horizontal you have to move the lower scroll of you browser to the right. It's a little bit unusual. But very originally! Have you scrolled it? So that's it. Now we can consider that our acquaintance is done.

TheKapital is offering three investing packages. Conservative KFund, Balanced KFund and Growth KFund. Each of them is including daily and weekly payment options. That is you can get your payouts daily (1.50 in the Conservative KFund) or weekly (8.20 in the Conservative Kfund). Growth is offering the higher percent. For example the daily percent is 2%, but the minimum sum of deposit is $10 000. Balanced - are the deposits starting from $5000. The compounding options are available everywhere, and also there is a possibility of extracting your initial deposit in any time. But 10% will be take out from this sum, and also whole "all paid and not pad profit". It is incomprehensible, what does it mean. But looks like they will take out all what you have already received (withdrawn)+ 10%. Looks quite honest, in any case I think that this option is a positive one.

The term of the contract is 150 days (or 20 weeks). The payouts are performing on the business days. In the end of the term you can get your principal back. That is, in the theory, to get 325%. Of course if there are no mistakes in description and I have understood it right. Also you have to expel the days off and holidays. But, anyway it will be more than 200%. Stop. Why am I guessing. I may use the calculator. So, invest $1000 in CD-KFUND (that is Conservative Daily). Getting from $3250 up to $3550 after 150 days! Investing in the August 14th and celebrating in the February 20th 2010. Sounds good.

In spite the design of the site it's not so comfortable and informative. Standard texts and conditions. I hope in future we will have a chance to view it more detailed. But now if you still have not made a choice of your investing, in any case view it as the variant TheKapital. They are worth of your attention.


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