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Today we have decided to draw your attention to a program, which may already be familiar to you. Our readers have probably seen our interview with the program director, and today we would like to offer you an observation of the program's investment offer to make the picture complete. This program is Onisgroup, and due to its relatively long term of working it may already be familiar to many of you. However, we suppose that this information will be useful for those who haven't invested in this program yet or may be hesitating whether to risk or not.

The program has been working online for about half a year by now. As all of us know, it is quite unusual for HYIP program and may be treated as a good result. In addition to the long working experience, which speaks for itself, they succeeded in getting a positive reputation among the investors, so general perspective for the nearest future seems quite positive. And now let's get closer to wgoruphat they offer and see their investment plans in detail.

There are three types of plans - Silver, Gold and Platinum, similar in structure and scheme, but different in investment period and paid interests, depending upon the investment amount. The first, Silver plan, has the shortest investment period, 30 days. You can invest any amount between $1 and $999, which makes the plan affordable to any kind of investor, regardless of the amount of money this or that particular investor may risk. Interest is paid on a daily basis, varying from 1% to 2% daily, with your principal returned after the end of investment period, which is important, because this option is not available with all HYIP programs. For your convenience, the program offers you online calculator, which allows you to estimate your future profit before making an investment.

The second plan, Gold, offers more serious conditions, is accompanied with higher risk, and gives a better profit, accordingly. Your investment starts with $1000, and this amount is locked for 60 days, bringing you daily profit from 1.2% to 2.2% until the end of your investment period, which also brings you your initial investment back. We might say that the first plan is more suitable for those investors who are not likely to risk much and who prefer faster profit and active position. With the second plan, the risk is higher, because you have to wait for your initial deposit twice as long, but the profit, in turn, is higher as well.

The third investment plan, Platinum, is a special offer for serious investors who are assured of their experience or just are not afraid of risks. The minimum investment amount here is $5000 and investment period ends after 90 days. That isn't fast, and especially in case of HYIP program it makes the risk quite high, because all of us know that even the most stable and successful program may easily break during such period of time. But at the same time, due to higher interest rates, fluctuating from 1.5% to 2.5% you will break even long before the end of investment period, which makes the plan more attractive, than it may seem at first.

The program also offers compounding option, which you may use or not, depending on your desire. As for the payment processors, here we see a wide choice among Pecunix, V-Money, PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve, EcuMoney, AlertPay and StrictPay. The clients are offered phone support, which is working from 9am to 5pm GMT and traditional e-mail support, which is available 24/7. Judging from the previous experience, the program pays and pays on time, in accordance with their plans, so at present it may be regarded as a good choice, at least for trying it. For additional information you are again recommended to look through the interview with the program director and we again wish you good luck in your investment activity, whatever choice you make.

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