Updated: 08/10/2009 23:23
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It is useful to stop in time. To go out from the game, as John Dillinger has said. It's very important for the HYIP. BestInv is growing. Yesterday the administrator of the BestInv, Olivia has said: "We have enabled the exchange service again. You can exchange your e-currencies from Liberty Reserve to Perfect Money or SolidTrust Pay or Strict Pay or Alert Pay With 0% Fee ( No Fee ).


E-Currencies can be exchanged only in the above direction. No other exchange direction is available.

Good support service, good marketing. We also have contacted the administration of the BestInv and assured that they are alive, fighting for the new investors and every client. They even have canceled the part of monitoring sites and focused on the forums.

But the time is running. Now it's already a month since the story with BestInv has started. But, it's not the reason to consider them as scam from this moment. It's no like they would have closed tomorrow. They can work for a two weeks, month or even one and a half. BUT! The risks are growing every second and each day. And every three days the level of the risk is increasing in the geometric series. For the projects of a such kind ( with a fast circulation) the term of the work is not a proof of the reliability. Vice versa, it's a proof of the decline. We have recommended to our readers BestInv, you can read the review about it. But it's the time to come out from the game. In any case, everybody who wanted and was able to get the profit can be satisfied that he has used the right advice of the Proceeding our good tradition, you have to follow our next advice: be careful.


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