Updated: 08/10/2009 22:51
Hyip Monitor

Hello Mates, InvestiMates review was down for a couple of hours today due to an overload on the server , but HushHosting did an excellent job by fixing the issue in a flash. There is however one issue that is yet to be fixed by the data center where our server is, and that is the timezone issue. This is just a minor issue and will not hinder you from doing what you have to do with InvestiMates. You can login, deposit, withdraw, deposit from account balance, check your history etc.

However, this minor issues effect is that you may get credited 4 hours earlier than supposed to because the server time is shifting every other minute to and from the original time and 4 hours advanced from that time. Although this is not a problem, it could cause confusion to some members. But rest assured that this will not affect website performance and features. It will just have a minor effect on the crediting of earnings and deposit times but it will only be to the members advantage so I guess that is not a problem at all.

Ok so you can login now and do what you wanted to do earlier, when the website was down. Oh and please, rate on the monitors. Some impatient member or non-member just posted negative votes right there. That would be all.

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