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Right now, it’s all about trying to find a job. Even though the unemployment rate has dropped , it’s still at the highest rate it’s been in two decades. And, as people look beyond the traditional jobs to the Internet as a way to make money , scams have been popping up all over. Sure, there are legitimate opportunities to work from home or make money online . But you have to watch out for the scams as well. Here are 5 warning signs that it may be a scam, instead of a legitimate online job:

  1. 1. Promises that income will “generate itself” or promises of unreasonably high pay. Also beware of “jobs” that require you to earn money by getting other people to sign up. (This is different from legitimate affiliate marketing opportunities.)
  2. Requirement for you to pay money up front . If you have to pay a monthly “membership” or buy a special “program”, you could be in trouble.
  3. Emails contain mistakes . Everyone makes mistakes, but communications from scammers are likely to be riddled with poor grammar and spelling. Clearly, you are not dealing with legitimate business professionals.
  4. You are offered the “job” immediately . Instead of vetting you through an interview process or true application process, you are given the job. Also, there may be few skills needed to perform the job.
  5. You are asked to wire money . You might be told the job involves a transfer of funds, or that you are “testing” services. Also, beware of companies that ask for bank account information and other personal information up front.

You have to be extremely careful while on the job search , especially when it involves an online job. While there are ways to make money online that are legitimate, they still involve an investment of time, and a degree of skill.

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