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We have been writing anything in our column Daily Spam Warnings for a long time. Probably, because all these letters were automatically sending to the spam folders so in a such way we have not seen it. We are publishing selected parts of it:

Crisis? There is no money for payment of purchases?
The reason of Crisis At us In a Head.
Do not waste time. Invest and earn money while others "sleep" and complain of crisis!
Why at us small interest of the profit? We really work in the market and we do not promise the big interests. Who promises you the big interests, that
deceives you. In the market complex conditions it is possible to lose all money or them to increase greatly.
We do not subject to the big risk investment means, therefore we receive small, but stable percent of the profit.

Who is the hero, who will save the universe from a such kind of problems? It's Cash-acceptor. Dear readers, don't invest in cash-acceptor! It's a scam. Which is advertising with the help of the spam. What is offering the cash-acceptor? Very reliable percent: 1.00% - 1.9% daily for 150 days, by the way, their site is good one. We will try to contact them to find out if it's really the scam or not. Because we are always checking the program, maybe it's not a spam, but reliable commercial offer. But when you are sending the commercial offer you are doing it with aim of feedback right? They are not responding. So, it's a spam. Stay away from them.

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