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Lots of the investors are asking: how much to invest? What is the sum to invest? What deposit to create? It's a fact that many people can effort themselves to invest 100 times $100 and at the same time invest $10000 like a whole sum. Although, they are not ready to lost neither the first nor the second sum of money, but they can make the investment. To the all abundance of investing proposals, the last bastion of doubts looks exactly like this: so how much to invest?

If you have not found the sphere of the investing and the risks degree, you have to understand that here is exactly, your answer hiding. In fact if you have decided to invest in the HYIP then you are accepting very high risk. If you have decided to invest in GPT than you are ready for some appointed expenses ( for example during the investing of a such big amount like $10 000 you have to view 10-20 sites daily to get your percent) If you have decided to give your money for the managing and give it to the experienced trader, to buy the shares of the mutual funds or the
worse way to put it in the bank, than here we have absolutely different conversation. So we will start from it.

So, mutual funds investing, banks investing, financial management and professional trading. Here the conditions will be dictated by the company, which is providing this services. For example, as far as I know the traders seldom start to work with the sums less than $ 1000. That is to diversify you have to find 10 such kind of the traders. Of course it sounds good, but in general it is very stupid. You have to find a such trader who shows high quality of the work, who is trustful and you have to be assured and give him all your money. If to consider that you have seƱured yourself from thieving than this decision is the most wisely. This rule is related to the banks and mutual funds. And even the creating of the bank deposit is hard to name the investing, here also can be some tricks, in this case it would be better to iunvest everything in one place. Of course if we are not talking about the sums more than $500k.

Now let's come back to HYIP and GPT. Here you can create deposits starting from $1, that is if you have $10k, you can invest in 10 000 different investment projects. But it's not quite a right thing. You will have to always check these projects, take the money out and etc. Besides you will have losses. How to compensate it? Right, to compensate the losses you have to put some sum of money in the "compensate" fund. You will say it's strange thing to save some money, because you have came here to invest. Yes, it's strange. But from the $5000 deposit in HYIP you will earn for a month so high income that you will not earn for a year from $10 000 in the bank. But, at the same time(!) you can loose $5000... yes, yes, loose.

Investing in HIYP - is not the investing, it's money making. And it's important to take into consideration when you are answering to the question invest the whole sum or piece-meal. Of course by piece meal. At the same time competently dividing these parts and choosing the projects for the investing. Finding the best and getting the profit from them you may increase the deposit but not for a long time. Being assured in the project you can increase the sum of the "stake", if the project is risky, in the old doubler or paying 100% of the principal back after 3 days it's better to not invest not much. For the $1000 it is not much - $50, and for $10000 - $700 is not much.


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