Updated: 08/14/2009 20:23
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For your attention, the review of Assetparty. Assetsparty is a fresh one. They have worked almost for a month

The summer is coming to the end, and the time of the hot programs too. In any case the project which we are introducing to you today, is already not getting on move to give the principals back and paying not so high percent. For your attention, Assetparty.

First of all, it's worth to say that, today we can't name the Assetsparty a fresh one. They have worked almost for a month. As far as this term is really big for the majority of investors to give up from investing, so we are paying special attention to it. But in this case we can't tell that it's a big disadvantage. Nevertheless the project belongs to the middle - term projects, so, it still may bring a profit. Besides, the most fast of the plans is returning your resources back already after 35 days.

This plan is Standard Plan. Nothing special at all. Just Standard Plan. In this plan the percent is counting on DAILY, during 7 day a week. In the Stable Plan unlike in Standard Plan the percent is counting on weekly. At the same time every plan has under plans, which are depending on the sum of your deposit.

The minimum sum for the Standard Plan is $10. Up to $199 of the deposit will bring you 1.5% daily. $200-1.999 - it's already 1.8%, and over this sum is allowing you to earn 2% during 35 days (than you will get your initial deposit back). By the way, 35 days - are 35 days, without any days off.

Stable Plan is demanding more serious requirements. The minimum is $50 here. If you invest from $50 up to $199, than you will get 13% weekly. $200-$1.999 - it's already 14% weekly. And from $2.000 up to $10.000 - 15% weekly. That is, lots of variants and each of them is very simple and clear to not go on the further discussions. But I will notice only one thing, AssetsParty is going to offer one more plan, it's hidden now. But we are sure that it will not include something special, looks like it will be for the administrator like organic add-on for the existing plans. For example, monthly plan. Or something else more fast, stimulating the interest...

Probably, a such plan will be needed. Because the percents are counting on in such way, that profit is appearing only in the end of the term, when you are getting the payouts of your principals. There is nothing terrible in it, but usually such programs are offering more longer term of paying the percents, and the sweep is another. And the AssetsOarty site is simple. Reliable, qualitative but very simple. But it makes happy that it's placed on the dedicated server. It would be not bad to get the DDoS protection.

The Assets Party is using only two payment options. LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. In general it's enough for the HYIP field. But some investors have got used to the variety. The so short list of payment abilities is connected, because of that AssetsParty is paying directly into your account. It's rather comfortable, but sometimes it's scared because of regular problems with LR and PM. You have to decide is it good or bad, according to your personal preferences

Only one thing is clear. Assetsparty is like any other project which we are introducing to you on our pages. Whether it is review or interview. It's worth of your attention and it's very original, attractive and interesting in it's own way to be viewed. We are telling you our ideas and observations, you are making the decision and I am sure, you are getting the profit.


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