Updated: 08/14/2009 06:20
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Yesterday we have published the news that BestInv was deleting the monitoring sites from it's page. We have asked Olivia, the administrator of this project, to comment the situation. Here is what she has answered: "Some Monitoring Sites Are Coming To Our Site just For Withdraw Money And Without Any Promotion So We Deleted Them From Our Site And Also Their Accounts. This Monitoring Sites That Listed In Our Site Are Enough For Monitoring Us"

In fact, lots of the monitoring sites are just blackmailing the administrators, and trying to get "customs" from them. That's why in we are taking care about the result so much. Talking about BestInv, as the final result we are glad that communicating with the direction is active, clear and truthful explanations of it's acts, but this situation is not making us happy. We think that, you have to be careful with BestInv and we are warning all our readers.

It's amazing company, but very old, have to be careful.
Soon will be a month of the BestInv work, be aware.
I recommend you to stay away from them, they are working almost a whole month and paying a very high percent. The risks are increasing. Now the risk of investing in BestInv is very high. In spite of the active development, investing in BestInv day by day becomes more risky. Read our news about BestInv, investing in them is riskier. BestInv is actively developing and promoting, but it's a menace now. I think, now it needs to stay away from BestInv. Lots of people have earned with their help, but now it's better to not invest in them. BestInv is dangerous. Now it's already dangerous. Yes, they can work for a month more, but they can already close tomorrow.

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