Updated: 08/16/2009 21:14
Hyip Monitor

1. HYIP meaning: High-risk investment, is simply a person to be a website, some users get the money to invest in Internet banking, Web site a day or a week long at a certain interest paid to the users.

2. HYIP of interest: HYIP is how it profit? First of all: investment in head in front of people who get paid to post-investment, and if the input is greater than the payment, head on to make money, the station can be a basic on site closed. Why is that investors can make profits? That is because the station to make a stand, corn and other space to spend money on publicity, there is no station in the recovery of these costs will not be closed before, so head back to the prior investment if your back, and you earn money. Therefore, a station must be able to see how much it costs, it is best to present it before you will have served its purpose.

To be continued ……

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