Updated: 08/16/2009 22:17
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3.Hyip investment philosophy of not hang in a station hyip station almost every day, only a new station, there is no need not invested in a cattle station and depressed. In turn, would not take a stand on the above two, the best leave, on this point and not the same as stock, stock holdings to wait you can stand up, hyip on the do not have this opportunity, so profits go on quickly Let stand will not vote no to you, and may be the birth of cattle stations. You must be put under control of the greedy, many people used the lessons of hundreds of knives truly understand the importance of this truth. For example, remember that it was SAI has been used more than 20 knife blade over, and do not meet, and finally even the loss of all 20 knives.

4. Hyip investment philosophy of the station in a large profit. Of course, for a station in your judgments based on very accurate, in your journey round 1-2 on the basis of the principal can then use the interest to the withdrawal of welfare, has been invested in you feel the time is almost at the leave . At this point so that you do not lose money in the premise, it may be a profit.

Today on this and see the reaction of brothers, if not bored wrote.

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