Updated: 08/19/2009 23:55
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We have informed our readers many times that they can easily ask the questions about the quality of this or that project. Simply speaking, ask...

We have informed our readers many times that they can easily ask the questions about the quality of this or that project. Simply speaking, ask to comment their investment decision. We are reminding that you can easily use any feedback to ask us about this or that program (you can even send it to us through the form of SEND SCAM REPORT!)

THE ESTIMATION of VCinvestGroup. Let's go to the VCinvestGroup. We see their plans: 104% after 2 days, and the maximum: 130% after 5 days. That is, up from 2%-6% per day. So, the project belongs to the such of a kind with "fast turnover". It's automatically bringing it to the short-term projects. That is, working 1-2 months. Let's see when they have started working: June 28. At this moment it's almost 2 months of the work. Automatically it became not the best sign. If you want a fast turnover, unfortunate BestInv also is working the same period, but at the same time , BestInv has better marketing and design than VCinvestGroup. VCinvestGroup has lots of problems with the site. Low-quality pics, vagueness. For example there is written in the news that project has started at June 16, but the statical information says it's June 28. Prelaunch activity? Maybe. But it needs to be more clear.

THE ANALYSIS OF THE VARIANTS. Pay your attention that we are not recommending BestInv. More over we are preventing the investors to not invest in BestInv, but according to the all options BestInv looks the same, but it's more perspective. If you are looking for the fresh program , the one of that , which are paying the principals and profit during 3 days, look at PlusInv. Unfortunately , we have not received the first payment, but we consider that this project has perspectives. In any case, they are DEFINITELY better than VCinvestGroup. Of course that thing that they are better is not guarantying that you will earn on them and you have to invest there, more than loose (never it's worth of doing it) but it would be better for you to risk with PlusInv than with VCinvestgroup.

If you will be interested in any of these variant, please, contact us. We will find something fresh with pleasure. By the way, we are always trying to add in our listing DIFFERENT types of the project. With fast return of the money and with a slow one. That's why it's necessary to look. We are investing our resources in the majority of the programs, it means - we are taking care that there been only the best projects.

One more thing WE ARE RISKING with you, dear readers.

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