Updated: 08/19/2009 22:10
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Novalex Finance has closed this summer. The proposition was - 100% your money return after 50 Days. The classification of such HYIP types called doubler. Usually the life term of these projects is more then three months. This time it was 5 months. Tradelite program, which has been closed in the end of the previous Year (december 200. They were offering 194% for 69 Days. Or 118% for 20 Days. Only three plans, minimum is $50. Why we are discussing these two programs? Because one of our readers has sent us the letter: Novalex finance and Tradelite was the same team of kriminals.

Anyway, there were no proves, facts or any other additional info. He has not left even the contact information. That's why we have some doubts. The same script, hosting and the way of development.. in general it is not so important, or you can unite the investors from both programs.

But in this case you have to start from the searching of such investors.


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