Updated: 08/20/2009 21:01
Hyip Monitor

I came across a blog entitled Decorating with Dishes. The site was subtitled "A blog discussing using decorative antique, vintage, retro, contemporary, toile, transferware, rosanna, hawaiiana, shabby, cottage, chic, dishes, plates, small plates and bowls for wall, cabinet, or entertaining".

On the site I found pictures of all kinds of plates: rooster plates, black and white plates, square plates and a whole lot more.

On the blog was a link to a web site selling all these plates. Obviously the blog was simply a means, with loads of keywords in the description, of getting traffic to then drive to their web store...a great idea and a great technique.

Consider duplicating this idea if you have a web store. Create a blog, load it with keywords and use that blog to drive traffic to your store.

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